China Made Diesel Water Pump for Agriculture and Mining Use

China Made Diesel Water Pump for Agriculture and Mining Use

CZPT Application
diesel engine  Agriculture
hydraulic pump Flood drainage
vacuum pump CZPT machinery
centrifugal pump Oil land machinery
fuel pump Municipal project
diesel water pump Fire fighting
oil pump Oil land machinery
fire pump Fire fighting
pressure pump Sea water breeding 
diesel pump Stable pressure water supply system
irrigation pump Agricultural irrigation
self-priming pump Sewage water drainage
generator CBD power supply
water pump CZPT pipeline
submersible pump Sewage water drainage
spare parts Engine maintenance
motor Land use and marine use
engine parts Engine maintenance
electric pump Agricultural irrigation or industry water supply
sewage pump Flood drainage

Item Description
one.The dewatering pump system is made up of a self-priming centrifugal pump with semi-open up impeller and a Simplex separator where air can individual from the liquid and be sucked by a vacuum pump.
2.The vacuum pump enables the unit to be primed automatically and able of drawing significant quantities of air, permitting the priming of a wellpoint system and maintaining it under vacuum, or draining an excavation completely under “snore” problems.

CZPT CZPT Municipal Agricultural
CZPT Dewatering CZPT Waste Sewage
Oil Field CZPT Paper Mills Processing

Diesel Motor Drinking water Pump Device
CZPT diesel pump can chosen by utilization spots head ,capability and liquid request
According to needs of matching various doing work circumstances, can pick one-stage suction centrifugal pump , high force pump, double suction break up casing pump , and so on. CZPT with sophisticated technological innovation and a high degree of automated, excellent functionality and protection purpose is full, realistic composition, effortless to set up, expense-successful higher when a unexpected blackout of the factory, emergency h2o offer pump set of diesel motor begins immediately incorporate pipe community force.
PUMP Application
Diesel pump established is generally utilized for substantial-increase structures, drinking water firms, steel mills, wineries, accommodations, hospitals, chemical crops,and other tasks on emergency drinking water provide.
PUMP USE Variety
Capability : ten-27000m3/h
HEAD: 10-15000m
Stress: .1MPa-150MPa
Electricity: three-2250kw
FOR Case in point(SN-OTS):
 Features of SN-OTS type double-suction horizontal break up centrifugal pump:
Break up situation style permits straightforward disassembly, that is, inspection is simplified. It will not affect the pump casing or disturb the centering alignment of inlet & outlet pipeline when elements alternative is needed.
The double-suction style has a great suction efficiency which assures higher suction elevate even underneath the huge movement operation issue.
Pump shaft seal can be utilised for non-cooled packaging seal or non-cooled solitary experience non-equilibrium mechanical seal.
Solitary-stage double-suction centrifugal pump is a new fashion strength saving horizontal break up pump, for conveying water or other liquid which actual physical and chemical properties related to water. According to person needs, it can be utilised to transport sediment h2o or all sorts of corrosive liquid by modifying the pump composition and substance. This series of pumps are commonly employed in regions this kind of as factories, mines, city water supply and drainage, energy stations, farmland irrigation and drainage, and a variety of h2o conservancy assignments and so forth.

Diesel Pump
Flow Head Revolving
Diesel Engine
m3/h L/S m r/min mm mm Electricity Model
SN-ST150-78 162 45 seventy eight 2900 150 a hundred 60 4BTA3.9-C80
SN-a hundred and fifty-50 one hundred seventy 47 forty seven 2900 a hundred and fifty 100 sixty 4BTA3.9-C80
SN-two hundred-95 234 65 ninety three 2900 two hundred 125 123 6BTA5.nine-C165
SN-200-63 288 eighty sixty two 2900 two hundred a hundred twenty five 82 4BTA3.nine-C110
SN-200-forty two 288 80 forty one 2900 two hundred a hundred twenty five sixty 4BTA3.nine-C80
SN-250-sixty five 486 a hundred thirty five 65 1450 250 one hundred fifty 163 6CTA8.three-G2
SN-250-39 486 one hundred thirty five 38 1450 250 200 86 6BT5.9-G2
SN-250-24 486 one hundred thirty five 23 1450 250 200 50 4BTA3.nine-G2
SN-250-14 486 a hundred thirty five fourteen 1450 250 two hundred 36 4BT3.nine-G2
SN-300-ninety 792 220 ninety 1450 300 two hundred 370 NTAA855-G7A
SN-three hundred-fifty eight 792 220 548 1450 300 200 231 NT855-GA
SN-300-32 792 220 32 1450 three hundred 250 106 6BTA5.nine-G2
SN-300-19 792 220 19 1450 three hundred 250 86 6BT5.9-G2
SN-350-seventy five 1260 350 seventy five 1450 350 250 470 KTAA19-G5
SN-350-forty four 1260 350 43 1450 350 three hundred 264 NTA855-G1A
SN-350-26 1260 350 26 1450 350 300 163 6CTA8.3-G2
SN-350-16 1260 350 16 1450 350 300 86 6BT5.9-G2

FOR Case in point(SN-ZX/ZW):
Specification of our self priming pump

Model Dimension
Max. Flow 
Max. Head
Suction Raise
Max. Solids
SN-ZW2 2 1150-2900 46 36 7.6 one-10 forty four.forty five
SN-ZW3 3 650-2150 107 35 seven.6 1-20 63.five
SN-ZW4 4 650-1950 163 36 7.6 1-thirty seventy six.two
SN-ZW6 6 650-1550 330 33 seven.six 2-forty 76.two
SN-ZW8 eight 650-1350 600 34 seven seven.five-seventy five seventy six.two
SN-ZW10 ten 650-1450 775 forty 10-a hundred seventy six.two
SN-ZW12 12 650-1250 1275 42 4.nine 20-a hundred twenty five 50
SN-ZWU3 three 850-2150 85 62 7.six 1.five-25 twenty.sixty three
SN-ZWU4 4 850-2150 148 60 5.two 3-forty 28.fifty seven
SN-ZWU6 6 850-1950 308 58 4.five 5-seventy five 31.75

Diesel Engine Specification:

CZPT Variation Cummins, Deutz, Ricardo, Perkins, Chinese Diesel or any other people can be specified
Electricity Assortment 50HP~1066HP
Diesel Driving Water cooled, air cooled
Cylinder one, two, 4 or 6
Cylinder Diameter 95, ninety six, one hundred, 102, 105, 110, 113 and so forth
Displacement 3.26~nine.49L
Gasoline Use 218, 224, 231, 251.6, 258.4 and so forth
Connection Kind Pin CZPT
Set up Way Diretly coupling engine mounted, horizontal V-belt
Skid Mounted on Trailer two wheels or 4 wheels Trailer/Trailor

Item information:
one. SN Non-clogging Dewatering Pump consists of a self-priming centrifugal pump with semi-open impeller and a simplex separator where air can individual from the liquid and be sucked by a vacuum pump, the max suction head can achieve to 9.5m

Pump Product YP100 YP125 YP150 YP200 YP250 YP300
Regular Pump Entire body Substance Solid Iron
Normal Pump Impeller Material CZPT Steel
Regular Pump Shaft Material  2Cr13
Bearing Type Ball
Greatest Lift in concept (m) 9.5
Nominal Speed (rpm) 1800
Inlet & Outlet Size (mm) one hundred one hundred twenty five one hundred fifty two hundred 250 three hundred
Max. Dia Solids Managing Ability (mm) 20 26 seventy six 76 50 65
Max. Discharge Head (m) 32 34 42 53 60 55
Max. Movement Fee (m3/h) 150 200 360 540 a thousand 1800

two. IS Single Stage Stop Suction Drinking water Pump is for clear h2o or liquid related to thoroughly clean water, with substantial temperature mechanical seal it can be used to transfer hot h2o (one hundred fifty degree celcius). It is utilized for industrial and city thoroughly clean h2o supply and drainage, irrigation, fire safety, water offer, metallurgy, chemical, paper generating, and so on.

Operating Principle Normal centrifugal, finish suction
Casing Content HT200, SS304, SS316
Impeller Substance HT200, SS304, SS316, Copper
Pump CZPT Packing seal, CZPT seal
Ability Assortment 6.3-400m3/h (
Head Assortment 125m (410ft)
Highest Diameter 200mm (8inch)

3. S/XS Large Stream Break up Scenario H2o Pump with higher capability and force, which can transfer clean drinking water or comparable liquids (Oil). 

Working Theory Centrifugal, Break up Scenario Pump
Casing Materials HT200, SS304, SS316
Impeller Substance SS304, SS316, Copper, HT200
Pump CZPT  Packing seal, CZPT seal
Capacity Assortment 126m3/h~8520m3/h
Head Range 8m~140m
Inlet/Outlet Diameter Assortment six”(150mm)~32″(800mm)

4. D Higher Strain Multistage H2o Pump is utilized program of large-stress operate very hot and chilly drinking water circulation and booster pumps in parallel h2o supply of the substantial increase creating, hearth, boiler feed water and cooling drinking water systems and a range of irrigation fluid conveying.

Functioning Principle Centrifugal, Multi-stage
Casing Content HT200, SS304, SS316
Impeller Material HT200, SS304, SS316, Copper
CZPT Type Packing seal, Mechancial seal
Movement Assortment 3.75-540m3/h (16.5-2376US.GPM)
Highest Head 1056m (3463.7ft)
Maximum Caliber 250mm (10inch)

5. ZX/ZW/SP Self Priming Drinking water Pump is our newest era item base on US engineering and craftwork. It is developed for affordable & problems-free operation in managing reliable-laden liquids and slurries.

Functioning Theory Centrifugal, Self-priming
Materials Solid iron, ductile iron, stainless metal, cast steel
Max. Suction Head 7.6m
CZPT Kind Packing seal, Mechancial seal
Sound Passing twenty.63mm-seventy six.2mm (20GPM~5500GPM)
Circulation Range 8m3/h~1275m3/h
Head Variety 6m~63m
Impeller Diameter 158.74mm~457.2mm

seven. LQRY Scorching Oil Pump is suitable for warmth-conduction oil, or other scorching oils with temperature ≤370°C

Functioning Theory Centrifugal, Sizzling Oil, Thermal Oil, High Temperature Oil
Max. Permissible Fluid Temperature 370°C (698°F)
Casing Material  Cast metal
Shaft CZPT Sort Shaft seal ring, CZPT seal, CZPT seal
Movement Range 4.five-400m³/h (19.eight-1760US.GPM)
Head Range 85m (278.8ft)

eight. XBC Diesel Fireplace Water Pump comprise a blend of electric powered motor pump, diesel motor pump and jockey pump that used for fire battling techniques. Fireplace pumps are necessary to comply with Local CZPT Protection Authority rules and CZPT Codes of Practice e.g. National Fireplace CZPT Affiliation (NFPA). 

one.CZPTtric pump:     kinds of finish suction pump, split scenario pump, multistage pump.
                              made of cast iron, stainless steel. Impeller can be bronze.
                              5.five-710 kw    0.three-one.two mpa    10-420 l/s (a hundred and fifty-6600GPM)
2.Diesel pump:       Flow is the same with electric powered pump. It connects the pump established with
                              High elastic coupling or common joint. It also consists of water tank,
                              oil tank, followers, control monitor and so forth.
                              7.-810 kw    0.3-1.two mpa     10-420 l/s (one hundred fifty-6600GPM)
three.Jockey pump:      Horizontal or vertical, little movement,
                              head is greater than electric or diesel pump
four.Handle panel:     Control the pumps automatically with overload, overcurrent safety
5.Components:        Check valve, gate valve, pressure tank (.6mpa, 1.0mpa, 1.6mpa)
                              stress gauge, stress sensors, import and export common pipe, gentle joints, flanges and                                       frequent base.

Firm Overview:
HangZhou Sunny Energy CZPTry Co.,LTD.
is specialized in manufacture of multiple pumps and other relative energy machinery, 
integrating the scientific research , development, design ,
manufacture, production, testing, and sales service for many several years.
Our company introduce the international advanced production equipment and technology , 
combines the strong technical experience and method , 
develop and research different sorts of pump products. 
Continuous innovate the products according to the customers needs,
the products have stable performance and quality.
there are many products are exported to some countries and regions, 
won the trust of customers all around the world . 
The main production of products: 
all kinds of centrifugal pump, 
mining industry clear water pump, 
boiler feed water pump, 
slurry pump, 
submersible pumps, 
sewage pumps, fire pumps, 
vacuum pumps,
water circulation pump, 
submersible pumps, 
automatic frequency conversion water supply equipment, 
sewage disposal equipment, 
widely used in metallurgy, coal, mining, power,chemical, 
pharmaceutical, city water supply and drainage industry,
plays huge role in the national economic construction.
We sincerely hope :
we can cooperation with the domestic and international friends. 
We will try our best to provide the best quality ,
reasonable price and excellent service to every customers.
one / Q: Are you a manufactory or trading organization ?
A: We are h2o pump manufactory with much more than thirty several years manufacturing knowledge.
2 / Q: What’s your MOQ?
A: Trial sample get is Okay .
three / Q: What’s your payment terms?
A: T/T , L/C , D/P, D/A ……
four / Q: What certificates do you have ?
A: CE , ISO 9001 , UL …..
5 / Q: How about the warranty ?
A: A single 12 months guarantee for pumps .
6 / Q: What is the delivery time ?
A: 15-30 days according to consumer portions .
seven / Q: Can you do OEM model ?
A: Of course, Welcome .
eight / Q: How to acquire our pumps ?
A: To begin with we ought to know from you :
What is the fluid ? 
Clear h2o(temperature), filthy h2o(temperature), particles,or slurry ? 
What is the capability and head ?
The potential and head variety ?
What is the voltage and frequency of three stage electrcity ?
Other problems from consumer if possible : pump sort , motor ? 
With comprehensive details, then we picked the pump and opinions to you. 
If you have unique need, such material, remember to tell us .
nine / Q: CZPT reputable ?
A: We have cooperated with customers from European, Asia, Africa, 
Middle east, Australia, North and south The usa for more than 20 years, 
CZPT if lifestyle and we notice global CZPTs on every sort of pumps .

10 / Q: How to exchange areas ?
A: In the purchase interval, we will list our susceptible components and their quantities to 
our consumer, and marketed at aggressive cost, then ship collectively with pumps if 
buyer demands. 

FOR Much more Concerns, You should Get in touch with OUR Income Supervisor.


China Made Diesel Water Pump for Agriculture and Mining Use