Fy-4c-N Single Stage Refrigeration Vacuum Pump

Fy-4c-N Single Stage Refrigeration Vacuum Pump

FY-4C-N single stage refrigeration vacuum pump 

Functions of vacuum pump:
1. Built-in physique structure with high precision
2. Pressured lubrication for pump to guarantee the high reliabililty
three. Oil window layout to keep away from run out of oil

CZPT Information:

Item Solitary stage vacuum pump
Design FY-1C-N FY-one.5C-N FY-2C-N FY-3C-N FY-4C-N
Rated voltage 220V~/50Hz 220V~/50Hz 220V~/50Hz 220V~/50Hz 220V~/50Hz
Pumping rate  3.6m3/h 5.4m3/h 7.2m3/h ten.8m3/h 14.4m3/h
Final strain 2Pa  2Pa  2Pa  2Pa  2Pa 
Motor power  150w 180w  250w 370w 550w
Oil capacity  250ml 250ml 250ml 415ml 660ml
Dimension(mm) 290*124*224 290*124*224 318*124*234 338*138*244 395*a hundred forty five*257
Excess weight 6.5kg 7.1kg 8.1kg ten.0kg fourteen.7kg
Inlet port 7/16″-20UNF 7/16″-20UNF 7/sixteen”-20UNF 7/sixteen”-20&five/8-18UNF seven/16″-20&five/8-18UNF

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Fy-4c-N Single Stage Refrigeration Vacuum Pump