Hho Generator Electric Pumps for Car Wash

Hho Generator Electric Pumps for Car Wash

 Details technical parameters of Kingkar carbon cleaning machine


Product Kingkar-3500 Kingkar-6500 Kingkar-8800
Voltage(V) Three-period 380V / 220 V(fifty-60)HZ±10%
Rated Potential(KVA) 5.one nine.5 10.5
Condition New New New
Drinking water intake(L/H) .3 .6 .nine
Doing work Ongoing
Flame temperature(T) 800-2000 adjustable
Doing work force(Mpa) ≤0.08
CZPT temperature(T) -40
power offer protection quality IP21S
Insulation security grade F
Dimension(L*W*H mm) 790*615*830 1145*765*1140 1250*780*1300
Weight (KG) one hundred forty five 230 290
carbon cleaning medium oxy-hydrogen molecules decarbonizer



this oxy-hydrogen automobile engine carbon cleansing machine is mainly utilized for automobile treatment,vehicle engine cleansing.soon after prolonged time period runs,the vehicle engine will produce carbon emissions.if you will not clear it,it will result your vehicle engine power and the car’s functioning existence.


Step one particular,open the motor brackets and

 join the engine with device in vent 



  • Press the power button

  • Join the carbon clean liquid
  • Open the power switch

  • Ensure the electrolytic tank liquid level is sufficient,

  • Confirm vent conical head without clogging

  • Confirm the car maintain a stationary state

  • Connect the out gassing conical 


Action two,following completely ready,push the commence button,the machine commenced function


  • Press the start key carbon removal machine

  • Adjust the gas production according to the engine emissions

  • Adjust the nano carbon removal liquid flow valve

  • Ensure engine idle speed isnormal.


 Stage three,hold out and look at the cleaning effect alter

  • The cleaning process need 20 minutes,stay engine idle speed 

  • Don’t trample accelerator driven engine speed

  • After cleaning, stay engine idle speed for one minutes
  • Confirmed the idle speed is fine, shut down the engine
  • Restore vacuum tube connection,
  • Restart the engineconfirm the idle speed is normal
  • Step on the gas pedal keeping engine 3000-3500 turn
  • Repeated eight times ruled out carbon and water



our machine can thoroughly clean this carbon emissions.which includes the following components


1. Combustion chamber area

2. Prime of the piston

3. The spark plug

four. Oxygen sensor

5. Three yuan catalysts


Scope of application


Automobile motor,Truck engine,Gasoline motor,Diesel motor and all types of manufacturer vehicle motor

This equipment is truly useful for vehicle ?


Right after employed this oxy-hydrogen auto carbon cleaning equipment you can get pursuing influence


one. Enhance your vehicle motor electricity
two. Conserve oil gas by fifteen%
3. Minimize detonation point
four. Increase motor lifestyle
five. Strengthen braking precision
six. Help save upkeep cost



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Hho Generator Electric Pumps for Car Wash