Stainless Steel Rotor Lobe Liquid Chocolate Transfer Pump with Hopper

Stainless Steel Rotor Lobe Liquid Chocolate Transfer Pump with Hopper

Tag:CZPT Steel Rotor Lobe Liquid/Chocolate Transfer Pump with Hopper

working basic principle
Rotory lobe pump is also named rotary lobe epump, a few-lobe pump, sole pump,etc. When the 2 simultaneous reverse rotating rotors(with 2-four gears)revolve, it makes suction power at the inlet(vacuum),which intakes the material delivered.The 2 rotors divide the rotor housing into several scaled-down components and revo-Ive in the sequence of a→b→c→d. When it revolves to place a,only housing I is stuffed with mediumwhen it revolves to situation b,housing B encloses portion of the medium,when it goes to situation c,housing A encloses medium,and last but not least it goes to place d,then housing A,B and II are interlinked and the medium is transported to the outlet.As this method is repeated,medium(content)is transpor-ted repeatedly. 
Driving Technique
Stepless Pace Regulation Lobe Pump: The pace regulator adjustments the pace by handbook adjustment, which is risk-free, dependable and infinitive movement adjustment. But the non-computerized adjustment is also troublesome. Velocity regulating ought to be accomplished in operation not in shut-off condition..
Resolve Velocity Output Reducer Lobe Pump: The driving is straightforward with continual rotary pace of the rotor,which also prospects to non-adjustablity of circulation.
Variable Frequency Motor + Frequency Converter Lobe Pump: It realizes both computerized altering and infinitive adjustment of movement. It is extremely automated and has large torque in minimal speed.
<<Food industrial: butter milk,chocolate,syrup,cheese,malt juice,beer,soda,water jelly,pudding,fruit juice beverages,   tomato sauce,fruit mud,vegetables paste,jelly,flavouring agent,fruit filling,cooking oil and dilute cream, etc.
<<CZPT use industrial:hair gel, toothpaste,detergent,shampoo,shoe polish,cosmetics,and,honey etc.
<<CZPT industry: emulsifier, syrup,biological products and royal jelly,etc
<<CZPT industry:paint,dye,lubricate oil,emulsified asphalt,adhesive and glass glue,etc.
<<Other industry:textile industry,papermaking industry and biological chemical industry,etc.
CZPT parameter

Design Capability for every 100 rotation(L) Velocity(rpm) Stream(L/H) Motor(kw)
High definition-3 3L 200-500 three hundred-800 .fifty five
Hd-6 6L two hundred-500 650-1600 .seventy five
Hd-eight 8L 200-five hundred 850-2160 one.five
Hd-twelve 12L two hundred-500 1300-3200 two.2
High definition-twenty 20L two hundred-five hundred 2100-5400 3
High definition-30 30L 200-four hundred 3200-6400 four
High definition-36 36L 200-400 3800-7600 four
High definition-52 52L two hundred-four hundred 5600-11000 five.five
High definition-66 66L 200-400 7100-14000 seven.five
High definition-78 78L 200-400 9000-18000 7.5
High definition-a hundred 100L two hundred-400 11000-22000 11
High definition-135 135L two hundred-four hundred 15000-30000 fifteen
High definition-a hundred and sixty 160L 200-four hundred 17000-34000 18.5
High definition-two hundred 200L two hundred-400 216000-43000 22

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Stainless Steel Rotor Lobe Liquid Chocolate Transfer Pump with Hopper