Vertical Type Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Vertical Type Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Metallurgy&solPharmacy CZPT Vertical Variety Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

The Vertical Screw vacuum pump is suitable for surroundings
with far more than 5 Pa supreme force&period As the free of charge environment
and fast-flow of gas&comma the Vertical Screw vacuum pump is
convenient  for discharging dust and  condensate to avoids
down time&period Therefore&comma it really is specifically suited for situation with a
wonderful deal of fuel&comma dust and condensate and get rid of the
dust and condensate accumulation problem&period  It’s also reputable
and simple to maintain because of to the superior sealing structure 
and hydrodynamic jacket cooling on all sides&time period

Attributes of Vertical Variety Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps
&plus  Simple servicing and integrated self diagnostics-Low  maintenance cost
&plus  Secondary restoration of organic solvent-Save creation value
&plus  Low noise degree-Lowest amongst the PRC producers
&plus  Zero-discharge of sewage-CZPTally pleasant
&plus  Stringent merchandise specifications-PRC navy specs  AP 1676
&plus  Higher procedure reliability-Lengthy lifestyle-cycle
&plus  Explosion-evidence design-Flammable and explosive gas 
&plus  Low energy consumption-Increase financial gain&comma value financial savings
&plus  Multiple use-As a single pump&comma or as a first phase suction pump
&plus  CZPTer dynamical balancing efficiency-Can reliably operate underneath higher pace
&plus  Excellent greatest vacuum capacity

Moreover&comma we are specialized in providing compressed air merchandise and resolution to our buyers all more than the globe&time period Our JV manufacturing facility is in Southern China and that our economic & logistics headquarter is in Hong Kong&period of time Our procuct variety includes Regular screw air compressor&lpar3kW-315kW&rpar&comma Low and Hight stress rotary screw air compressor&comma Oil totally free screw&solscroll compressors&commaVSD inverter managed screw compressors&commaRailway software compressors&commaUnderground software compressors&commaBiogas&solLandfill gasoline compressor&comma CNG &sol LPG application compressors&commaRefrigerated air dryers&commaDessicant air dryers and Inline air filters&solwater separator&period of time

CZPT parameters&colon

Specification Unit DSVS-70 DSVA-a hundred DSVA-150 DSVA-two hundred DSVA-260
Nominal Displacement Capability L&solS 70 100 150 200 260
m³&solh 252 360 540 720 936
m³&solmin 4&period2 six 9 twelve 15&period6
CFM 150 215 321 428 557
Greatest Pressure
pa ≤ five ≤ five ≤ five ≤ five ≤ five
mbar &period05 &period05 &period05 &period05 &period05
mmHg &period037 &period037 &period037 &period037 &period037
Torr &period037 &period037 &period037 &period037 &period037
Motor HP ten fifteen 20 twenty five thirty
Power KW 50Hz 7&period5 eleven 15 eighteen&period5 22
KW 60Hz seven&period5 11 fifteen 18&period5 22
Voltage V 380 380 380 380 380
Rotational Speed RPM 50Hz 2900 2900 2900 2900 2900
RPM 60Hz 3480 3480 3480 3480 3480
Inlet & Outlet Port DN  mm DN50&solPN1&period6 DN65&solPN1&period6 DN80&solPN1&period6 DN100&solPN1&period6 DN100&solPN1&period6
DN inches DN1&period97&solPN1&period6 DN2&period56&solPN1&period6 DN3&period15&solPN1&period6 DN3&period94&solPN1&period6 DN3&period94&solPN1&period6
CZPT Drinking water Interface   G1&sol2 G3&sol4 G3&sol4 G1 G1
CZPT H2o m³&solh 5 7 7 10 10
GPM 18 25&period7 twenty five&period7 36&period7 36&period7
CZPT H2o Stress Mpa &period1~&period25 &period1~&period25 &period1~&period25 &period1~&period25 &period1~&period25
Excess weight Kg 435     725 730
Lbs 957     1595 1606
Dimmensions mm 600×500×1500 980×688×876 1000×700×890 1140×770×1060 1160×780×1070
Inches 23&period6×19&period7×59 38&period6×27×34&period5 39×27&period6×35 44&period9×30×41&period7 forty five&period7×30&period7×42

For any other requests remember to contact Adekom&period of time

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Tel&period    &colon &plus86 769 88857120
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Vertical Type Dry Screw Vacuum Pump